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Keeping Our
Communities Safe

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Our top priority is the health and safety of our residents, team members and guests who visit our communities. We are currently following guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CMS, AHCA, HHSC and state requirements to ensure you and your loved ones are safe. 

We continue to welcome new residents to our communities for short-term (skilled nursing) care, long-term care and respite care for when the original caregiver has to step away for a short time. Please make an appointment for a tour of the right community for your loved one’s care.

Touchstone Communities


Dedicated to Your Safety & Wellbeing.

At our Touchstone Communities your loved one is family, and we are 100% committed to keeping them safe.

Touchstone Communities

Visiting Loved Ones

At Touchstone, we know the importance of receiving a visit from your loved ones. A visit from family is the highlight of many residents’ day and is an integral part of their well-being. So that you can continue visiting your loved one, we adjusted our visitation policies following medical, federal and local guidelines.

Visitation appointments are limited per day; please contact the Touchstone community you are planning to visit to schedule your appointment and ensure you have a safe place to spend time with your loved one. Visitation policies can change frequently and depend on the community’s health and safety status, which can be found in the chart at the bottom of this page.

Touchstone Communities
Touchstone Communities

Dining & Amenities

Based on current health guidelines, we have reopened our dining rooms, with limited capacity, in an effort to reintroduce the feeling of “community” for our residents. Residents also have the option to dine in the privacy of their own rooms. Special amenities such as Internet cafes and movie theaters (available at specific locations) are also open with safety precautions.

Residents who are able to wear masks are encouraged to do so in shared spaces, and everyone at a Touchstone community socially distance themselves at six feet apart from others. We ask that residents who feel sick avoid joining others and report it to team members.

Touchstone Communities
Touchstone Communities

Socializing Safety

Socialization is an integral part of our communities. We create an environment that feels comfortable and engaging to our residents. While your family is in our care, we will do everything we can to make every day an uplifting one.

Group activities and shared spaces, such as chapels, are kept safe for residents to engage in. Residents may also participate in larger group activities and gatherings, within the communities and in some cases outside of the communities, so long as social distancing guidelines are followed. We also encourage residents to socially distance and wear masks, shields or other face coverings per CDC guidelines.

Touchstone Communities
Touchstone Communities

Therapy & Rehabilitation

At Touchstone, getting your loved one back to health is very important to us. As we continue offering our rehabilitation programs, we have adapted them to follow state and local guidelines to do so safely. Be confident that while our team members provide care to your loved ones, we are doing everything in our power to keep them safe and meeting their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. All communities will continue to offer:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Memory care
  • And more
Touchstone Communities
Touchstone Communities

Mask Requirements

To continue ensuring the well-being of you and our residents, we require face coverings or masks for team members and visitors at all Touchstone Communities. We provide our team members with masks during their shifts and any other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as needed. Residents who are able to wear face masks or coverings are encouraged to do so while they’re in public areas.

We will continue monitoring CDC, state and local guidelines and will make adjustments to our policies accordingly.

Touchstone Communities

What We’re Doing To Keep You Safe

Regular Screening

All team members, residents and visitors are screened with a questionnaire and temperature check for contractible illnesses upon entry to all Touchstone Communities facilities.

Keeping Our Communities Clean

Touchstone Communities continues to thoroughly clean and disinfect every facility with care. We follow health and sanitization protocols, and our team members have been trained on the most effective disinfecting methods and products to keep you and your loved ones safe. All public and team-member areas are disinfected regularly.

Touchstone Communities
Touchstone Communities

COVID-19 Status Updates

Below you will find COVID-19 updates for each Touchstone Community.  The data reflects patients tested as of 09/30/2022 and is pending validation by public health officials. A positive test does not necessarily mean the patient is experiencing symptoms. This data, in combination with other sources, is being used to improve public health decisions. All communities are monitoring for signs and symptoms related to COVID-19 according to state and federal guidelines.

Alert CodeAlert Description
GreenThe location is experiencing no unexpected disease outbreaks, and is utilizing normal infection control education, prevention, surveillance, and control practices in accordance with established policies and procedures.
YellowThe location has increased vigilance for infectious diseases due to a known threat (e.g., COVID-19).
OrangeThe location perceives that an infectious disease outbreak is imminent. Visitation is limited and screening for signs and symptoms prior to entry into the location is being implemented (e.g., disease reaches an endemic state).
RedThe location has experienced a presumptive or confirmed case of an emergency infectious disease within the facility (HCC/ALF) or has such a case on census (home health/hospice/Home First). For HCCs/ALFs, all visitors (except for medical response teams, Public Health, and community response partners) and nonessential personnel are prohibited from entering the location and new admissions are generally not allowed, except in limited circumstances.
CommunityCountyNumber of ResidentsCurrent Active Positive ResidentsRecovered ResidentsExpired ResidentsNumber of Team MembersCurrent Active TeamRecoveredExpiredAlert Code
Bandera Nursing & RehabilitationBandera8513462501430Red
Coastal Palms Nursing & RehabilitationSan Patricio69019515870760Orange
Country Care ManorWilson800847670780Red
Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterVal Verde3804419520620Orange
Heritage Nursing & RehabilitationBexar74010116680571Red
Laredo Nursing & RehabilitationWebb821620521901800Orange
Las Alturas de PeñitasHidalgo12906301230560Orange
Las Alturas Nursing & Transitional CareWebb541391690380Orange
Las Palmas Skilled Nursing & RehabilitationLa Salle4504912430460Orange
Mid Valley Nursing & RehabilitationHidalgo78158111160750Orange
River Ridge Nursing & RehabilitationNueces7801033700740Red
Stone Oak Care CenterBexar10502309970850Orange
The EnclaveBexar118111468901110Red
The Heights® of AlamoHidalgo8407816871650Red
The Heights® of AtascosaAtascosa83016824800970Red
The Heights® of BulverdeComal880859661670Red
The Heights® of GonzalesGonzales9805711720760Orange
The Heights® of North HoustonHarris854813680540Orange
The Heights® of TomballHarris1040519830640Red
The Heights® of TylerSmith109212181120930Red
The Heights® on HuebnerBexar1010943920590Orange
The Heights® on Valley RanchMontgomery10304211051420Orange
West Oaks Nursing & RehabilitationHarris10409015910570Orange
CommunityCountyNumber of ResidentsCurrent Active CasesRecoveredExpiredAlert Code
Bandera Nursing & RehabilitationBandera8513462Red
Coastal Palms Nursing & RehabilitationSan Patricio69019515Orange
Country Care ManorWilson800847Red
Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterVal Verde3804419Orange
Heritage Nursing & RehabilitationBexar74010116Red
Laredo Nursing & RehabilitationWebb821620521Orange
Las Alturas de PeñitasHidalgo1290630Orange
Las Alturas Nursing & Transitional CareWebb541391Orange
Las Palmas Skilled Nursing & RehabilitationLa Salle4504912Orange
Mid Valley Nursing & RehabilitationHidalgo7815811Orange
River Ridge Nursing & RehabilitationNueces7801033Red
Stone Oak Care CenterBexar10502309Orange
The EnclaveBexar11811146Red
The Heights® of AlamoHidalgo8407816Red
The Heights® of AtascosaAtascosa83016824Red
The Heights® of BulverdeComal880859Red
The Heights® of GonzalesGonzales9805711Orange
The Heights® of North HoustonHarris854813Orange
The Heights® of TomballHarris1040519Red
The Heights® of TylerSmith10921218Red
The Heights® on HuebnerBexar1010943Orange
The Heights® on Valley RanchMontgomery1030421Orange
West Oaks Nursing & RehabilitationHarris10409015Orange
CommunityCountyNumber of Team MembersCurrent Active CasesRecoveredExpiredAlert Code
Bandera Nursing & RehabilitationBandera501430Red
Coastal Palms Nursing & RehabilitationSan Patricio870760Orange
Country Care ManorWilson670780Red
Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterVal Verde520620Orange
Heritage Nursing & RehabilitationBexar680571Red
Laredo Nursing & RehabilitationWebb901800Orange
Las Alturas de PeñitasHidalgo1230560Orange
Las Alturas Nursing & Transitional CareWebb690380Orange
Las Palmas Skilled Nursing & RehabilitationLa Salle430460Orange
Mid Valley Nursing & RehabilitationHidalgo1160750Orange
River Ridge Nursing & RehabilitationNueces700740Red
Stone Oak Care CenterBexar970850Orange
The EnclaveBexar8901110Red
The Heights® of AlamoHidalgo871650Red
The Heights® of AtascosaAtascosa800970Red
The Heights® of BulverdeComal661670Red
The Heights® of GonzalesGonzales720760Orange
The Heights® of North HoustonHarris680540Orange
The Heights® of TomballHarris830640Red
The Heights® of TylerSmith1120930Red
The Heights® on HuebnerBexar920590Orange
The Heights® on Valley RanchMontgomery1051420Orange
West Oaks Nursing & RehabilitationHarris910570Orange
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