A Higher Purpose Manifested in the Heads, Hearts, and Hands of Touchstone’s Teams

Nov 17, 2022

At Touchstone Communities, they are uniquely empowered by a Mission to Make Lives Better through a best-in-class healthcare experience. And you can see that goal manifested in the work of team members every single day. Leslie Campbell, Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Communities, recently appeared on the LTC Heroes podcast to share what makes the long-term care company a leader in the Texas markets because of how the culture positively impacts residents’ quality of life. Listen to the interview with Experience Care’s Victoria Arama below:   

Arama had done her research on Touchstone and was curious to learn about the secret to their success. “At Touchstone, we were looking at our culture and how to drive culture, and I believe it firmly starts with the organization’s mission,” said Campbell. “But that mission has to be very simple, because it has to resonate and connect with every single team member at every single layer of the organization in order for it to be effective.”

The COO explained to Arama that one of the things that go hand-in-hand with an organization’s mission is its pursuit of a higher purpose. “We pride ourselves in our unique purpose: To glorify God,” said Campbell. “And we publicly state that purpose, which is very bold in today’s world.” That purpose works in tandem with the vision to make Touchstone the leading post-acute healthcare solution in the areas it serves. “It also makes for an environment filled with love, care, and professionalism for all residents,” added Campbell. 

As one of the leaders charged with the development of culture at Touchstone, Campbell understands the importance of being purposeful in setting a positive tone. “You have to be very intentional and thoughtful about culture,” she said. “Culture has to drive the outcomes that you desire. So our mission goes from the head, and eventually, that head knowledge becomes heart knowledge. And then guess what? That heart knowledge is manifested in our team members’ hands and in their actions.” 

Written by: Dr. Cameron Zargar