Enhanced Rehabilitation Therapy at Stone Oak Care Center

Dec 6, 2023

Stone Oak Care Center skilled nursing home in San Antonio, TX, serves San Antonio and the surrounding areas with enhanced rehab for seniors. We partner with Aegis Therapies® to provide expert rehabilitation therapy, including physical, speech and occupational therapies, that help our patients and residents regain health and independence. As our partner in care, Aegis Therapies leverages decades of experience providing evidence-based, individualized therapy to help people make measurable improvements in their quality of life.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for seniors helps maintain or improve mobility, increase strength, improve balance and decrease pain. Whether you are recovering from surgery or illness or just need to strengthen your muscles to reduce the risk of falls or manage a chronic condition, physical therapy is a game-changer. Additionally, it can help you recover more quickly and get back to your daily life with fewer lasting health problems.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps people when they have trouble with the activities of daily life. It can help you adapt to injuries or other medical conditions and teach you ways to perform tasks, such as dressing, bathing or cooking, more independently and with less pain. Occupational therapists also help you make changes to your environment to make daily life easier.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists help seniors with a variety of challenges, including communication and swallowing problems. For people who have suffered a stroke, brain injury or dementia, speech therapy can help improve the ability to speak and understand spoken and written words. Speech therapy can also strengthen the muscles associated with talking and swallowing, allowing people to eat and swallow more easily.

The Touchstone Difference

Stone Oak Care Center is proud to partner with Aegis Therapies to provide rehab for seniors that improves independence and quality of life. Whether you or a loved one is with us for short-term care, long-term care or rehab after a hospital stay, we’ll create a customized plan of care that helps you reach your goals. Whether you or a loved one is recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, we can help. Contact the team at Stone Oak Care Center to schedule a tour.