A Stronger Touchstone: COVID-19 Inspiring Stories

A Stronger Touchstone

COVID-19 Inspiring Stories

Issue 03

Servants of God


Take a look at these faces. On every single one, you will see countless hours of care worn on their faces for our residents. These are our selfless heroes. They are Touchstone Communities’ dedicated team working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide care to our residents. The defining trait of our community team members is that not only do they provide around-the-clock care, but they also give loving, emotional, spiritual, and mental support to our residents.

At Touchstone Communities, we are family. While for many of our residents, they do not experience family members visiting them through a window, hear the phone ring for them, or receive family care packages, our team members are the only family they have. Each one of these heroes exemplify our purpose to ‘Glorify God’.

No matter which community you learn about, you will find touching stories from every one of our team members who are courageous and committed to care for our residents. They have each experienced challenges and victories every single day.

Touchstone Community team members: the impact you have on lives is immeasurable. The comfort, joy, and wellness you foster is invaluable. We dedicate this day, and everyday, to you: Our Heroes.

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