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April 19, 2017

New Technologies Distinguish San Antonio’s Latest Physical Rehabilitation Facility


SAN ANTONIO, Apr. 19, 2017 – Touchstone Communities announced the grand opening of The Enclave, a transitional physical rehabilitation facility whose innovative patient care is based on the approach that patients respond better and faster when their recovery experience is more pleasant.

The Enclave primarily will serve patients in need of short-term rehabilitation services, such as those required for joint replacement, stroke, COPD and cardiac patients.  The Enclave features the latest technologies, virtual reality programs and individually customized services that make physical, occupational and speech therapy more engaging, and motivates patients to continue their therapy time with an in-room exercise program tailored to their specific needs.

“We were fortunate to assemble an outstanding team at The Enclave that will help us realize our vision of offering state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation services,” said Lynda Jennings, chief operating officer of Touchstone Rehabilitation. “Advanced technology is certainly important. The knowledge, experience and uplifting attitude of our team coupled with these technologies ensures that each patient receives the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time.”

Sean Philips, chief executive officer of The Enclave, further explained the overall philosophy employed at the new facility. “By inspiring patients to keep moving, in most cases, we are able to accomplish quicker results, shorter stays and better patient outcomes. In addition to new technologies, the concept of The Enclave centers on extraordinary comfort that you would expect in a four-star hotel – exceptional amenities – such as WiFi, premium television programing, salon and spa services, chef-prepared meals, and  appealing and comfortable rooms in plush surroundings. It all works together to create a pleasing rehabilitation experience.”

Carl Fellbaum, chief executive officer of Touchstone Communities, added that The Enclave is the most technologically advanced physical rehabilitation community developed by Touchstone Communities, and the company was proud to bring this type of facility to San Antonio and South Texas.

Even the process of transferring patients to The Enclave utilizes technology that speeds up what can routinely take at least an hour. Before the patient leaves their hospital bed, all paperwork for admission to The Enclave can be done electronically, making the process easier and less stressful on families.

The Enclave also features a separate, specialized floor that provides long-term care for those who require extra medical attention in addition to physical rehabilitation. The facility has a total of 142 beds, 80 percent of which are private suites, and will employ 150 team members.



OmniVR – Virtual rehab program that resembles a video gaming unit like the Nintendo Wii. The OmniVR includes the world’s first 3D digital imaging-based outcomes measure testing that provide a more standardized, objective way to document patient progress.

Synchrony – Virtual reality program that benefits anyone with swallowing difficulties, such as stroke patients. This revolutionary new technology enables therapists and patients to “see the swallow” and uses computer games to help patients improve their swallow. For example, a virtual kangaroo jumps higher and higher as swallows become stronger.

HUR iBalance – A virtual training system that improves balance to prevent falls that can cause complications and a delayed recovery.

PneuWalker Mobility Trainer – The latest in mobility technology that allows patients with weight bearing or other limitations to work on their gait without the danger of falling.

Barihab Treatment and Assessment Platform – Unlike a standard therapy mat, the Barihab has multiple features that allow the therapist more versatility, when working with patients at different functional levels. The unique exercise apparatus also employs built-in supports to help patients control their sitting and standing balance as they progress through their individualized therapy plans.

Modality Program – Advanced technologies, such as therapeutic ultrasound, shortwave diathermy and electrical nerve stimulation, are used to manage pain, increase circulation, stimulate healing, and simulate normal firing pattern of nerves and muscles. Also utilized are the Omnicycle Elite exercise cycles that automatically “sense” when patients need powered assistance to complete exercises.



Headquartered in San Antonio, Touchstone Communities provides healthcare services throughout Texas, including San Antonio, Brenham, Cotulla, Del Rio, Gonzales, Houston, Laredo, La Vernia, Mercedes, Pleasanton, Porter, Tomball and Tyler and is developing a new community in Alamo. Touchstone also operates the State of Texas veterans’ homes in Amarillo, Big Spring, El Paso, Floresville, McAllen and Temple.

The Enclave is Touchstone’s most technologically advanced and newest transitional physical rehabilitation community, primarily serving San Antonio and the South Texas region. For more information, visit

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