COVID-19 Updates
COVID-19 Status Updates: Stay Connected. Stay Informed.

COVID-19 Status Updates

Stay Connected. Stay Informed.

Touchstone’s top priority is the health and safety of our residents, team members and guests who visit our communities. Touchstone Communities is taking precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are following protocols from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CMS, AHCA and HHSC.

Below you will find COVID-19 updates for each Touchstone Community.  The data reflects patients tested as of 2/26/2021 and is pending validation by public health officials. A positive test does not necessarily mean the patient is experiencing symptoms. This data, in combination with other sources, is being used to improve public health decisions. All communities are monitoring for signs and symptoms related to COVID-19 according to state and federal guidelines.

Alert CodeAlert Description
GreenThe location is experiencing no unexpected disease outbreaks, and is utilizing normal infection control education, prevention, surveillance, and control practices in accordance with established policies and procedures.
YellowThe location has increased vigilance for infectious diseases due to a known threat (e.g., COVID-19).
OrangeThe location perceives that an infectious disease outbreak is imminent. Visitation is limited and screening for signs and symptoms prior to entry into the location is being implemented (e.g., disease reaches an endemic state).
RedThe location has experienced a presumptive or confirmed case of an emergency infectious disease within the facility (HCC/ALF) or has such a case on census (home health/hospice/Home First). For HCCs/ALFs, all visitors (except for medical response teams, Public Health, and community response partners) and nonessential personnel are prohibited from entering the location and new admissions are generally not allowed, except in limited circumstances.
CommunityCountyNumber of ResidentsCurrent Active CasesRecoveredExpiredNumber of Team MembersCurrent Active CasesRecoveredExpiredAlert Code
Bandera Nursing & RehabilitationBandera6326710Orange
Coastal Palms Nursing & RehabilitationSan Patricio728133128131Red
Country Care ManorWilson605557631Orange
Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterVal Verde3323184333Orange
Heritage Nursing & RehabilitationBexar64371382311Orange
Laredo Nursing & RehabilitationWebb502176206958Red
Las Alturas Nursing & Transitional CareWebb10621108Orange
Las Palmas Skilled Nursing & RehabilitationLa Salle4439105234Orange
Mid Valley Nursing & RehabilitationHidalgo7432119944Orange
River Ridge Nursing & RehabilitationNueces75198118Orange
Stone Oak Care CenterBexar119912099845Red
The EnclaveBexar10637111737Orange
The Heights® of AlamoHidalgo5049167030Orange
The Heights® of AtascosaAtascosa56942111960Orange
The Heights® of BulverdeComal853789835Orange
The Heights® of GonzalesGonzales855398854Orange
The Heights® of North HoustonHarris825018522Orange
The Heights® of TomballHarris883388933Orange
The Heights® of TylerSmith9367310645Orange
The Heights® on HuebnerBexar754211218Orange
The Heights® on Valley RanchMontgomery532675Orange
West Oaks Nursing & RehabilitationHarris8380149645Orange
CommunityCountyNumber of ResidentsCurrent Active CasesRecoveredExpiredAlert Code
Bandera Nursing & RehabilitationBandera632Orange
Coastal Palms Nursing & RehabilitationSan Patricio72813312Red
Country Care ManorWilson60555Orange
Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterVal Verde332318Orange
Heritage Nursing & RehabilitationBexar643713Orange
Laredo Nursing & RehabilitationWebb50217620Red
Las Alturas Nursing & Transitional CareWebb1062Orange
Las Palmas Skilled Nursing & RehabilitationLa Salle443910Orange
Mid Valley Nursing & RehabilitationHidalgo743211Orange
River Ridge Nursing & RehabilitationNueces7519Orange
Stone Oak Care CenterBexar11991209Red
The EnclaveBexar106371Orange
The Heights® of AlamoHidalgo504916Orange
The Heights® of AtascosaAtascosa569421Orange
The Heights® of BulverdeComal85378Orange
The Heights® of GonzalesGonzales85539Orange
The Heights® of North HoustonHarris82501Orange
The Heights® of TomballHarris88338Orange
The Heights® of TylerSmith93673Orange
The Heights® on HuebnerBexar7542Orange
The Heights® on Valley RanchMontgomery532Orange
West Oaks Nursing & RehabilitationHarris838014Orange
CommunityCountyNumber of Team MembersCurrent Active CasesRecoveredExpiredAlert Code
Bandera Nursing & RehabilitationBandera6710Orange
Coastal Palms Nursing & RehabilitationSan Patricio8131Red
Country Care ManorWilson7631Orange
Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterVal Verde4333Orange
Heritage Nursing & RehabilitationBexar82311Orange
Laredo Nursing & RehabilitationWebb6958Red
Las Alturas Nursing & Transitional CareWebb1108Orange
Las Palmas Skilled Nursing & RehabilitationLa Salle5234Orange
Mid Valley Nursing & RehabilitationHidalgo9944Orange
River Ridge Nursing & RehabilitationNueces8118Orange
Stone Oak Care CenterBexar9845Red
The EnclaveBexar11737Orange
The Heights® of AlamoHidalgo7030Orange
The Heights® of AtascosaAtascosa11960Orange
The Heights® of BulverdeComal9835Orange
The Heights® of GonzalesGonzales8854Orange
The Heights® of North HoustonHarris8522Orange
The Heights® of TomballHarris8933Orange
The Heights® of TylerSmith10645Orange
The Heights® on HuebnerBexar11218Orange
The Heights® on Valley RanchMontgomery675Orange
West Oaks Nursing & RehabilitationHarris9645Orange
Visitation Guidelines:

Visitation Guidelines

Our goal is to address the healthcare needs of those placed in our care which includes social interaction with loved ones. This connection is paramount to our residents’ health and wellbeing. During this unprecedented time, Touchstone Communities has implemented ways to stay connected to your loved one based on each community’s COVID-19 status.

Visitor screening and visitation policies change frequently as testing results are received for Team Members and Residents as reflected in the chart above.  Please contact the Touchstone Community you are interested in visiting directly to schedule an appropriate visit.

COVID-19 CareLine:

COVID-19 CareLine

We understand the stress and worry COVID-19 is placing on our team members, residents and family members. Our highest priority is caring for and supporting you and your family through this difficult time. Your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns are important to us, and we are here to listen. Whether you are a resident, family member or friend, your concerns matter. Touchstone Communities provides a 24/7 toll-free Careline to address your COVID-19 related concerns or suggestions. You may contact us anonymously or choose to provide your contact information so we may reach you.

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