COVID-19 Status Updates
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CommunityCountyNumber of ResidentsCurrent Active CasesRecoveredExpiredNumber of Team MembersCurrent Active CasesRecoveredExpiredAlert Code
Bandera Nursing & RehabilitationBandera6202067040Orange
Coastal Palms Nursing & RehabilitationSan Patricio712202871000Red
Country Care ManorWilson7210079300Red
Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterVal Verde5100163000Red
Heritage Nursing & RehabilitationBexar743116811600Red
Laredo Nursing & RehabilitationWebb83500106410Red
Las Alturas Nursing & Transitional CareWebb6900077100Red
Las Palmas Skilled Nursing & RehabilitationLa Salle52150155800Red
Mid Valley Nursing & RehabilitationHidalgo8734021081910Red
River Ridge Nursing & RehabilitationNueces7600087100Red
Stone Oak Care CenterBexar112000110110Red
The EnclaveBexar133020141020Orange
The Heights® of AlamoHidalgo6363191820Red
The Heights® of AtascosaAtascosa78000101000Orange
The Heights® of BulverdeComal7225351021570Red
The Heights® of GonzalesGonzales9500097020Red
The Heights® of North HoustonHarris8720080420Red
The Heights® of TomballHarris9721190400Red
The Heights® of TylerSmith101000103020Red
The Heights® on HuebnerBexar92000104400Red
The Heights® on Valley RanchMontgomery3900057000Yellow
West Oaks Nursing & RehabilitationHarris841932121990Red
CommunityCountyNumber of ResidentsCurrent Active CasesRecoveredExpiredAlert Code
Bandera Nursing & RehabilitationBandera62020Orange
Coastal Palms Nursing & RehabilitationSan Patricio712202Red
Country Care ManorWilson72100Red
Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterVal Verde51001Red
Heritage Nursing & RehabilitationBexar743116Red
Laredo Nursing & RehabilitationWebb83500Red
Las Alturas Nursing & Transitional CareWebb69000Red
Las Palmas Skilled Nursing & RehabilitationLa Salle521501Red
Mid Valley Nursing & RehabilitationHidalgo873402Red
River Ridge Nursing & RehabilitationNueces76000Red
Stone Oak Care CenterBexar112000Red
The EnclaveBexar133020Orange
The Heights® of AlamoHidalgo63631Red
The Heights® of AtascosaAtascosa78000Orange
The Heights® of BulverdeComal722535Red
The Heights® of GonzalesGonzales95000Red
The Heights® of North HoustonHarris87200Red
The Heights® of TomballHarris97211Red
The Heights® of TylerSmith101000Red
The Heights® on HuebnerBexar92000Red
The Heights® on Valley RanchMontgomery39000Yellow
West Oaks Nursing & RehabilitationHarris841932Red
CommunityCountyNumber of Team MembersCurrent Active CasesRecoveredExpiredAlert Code
Bandera Nursing & RehabilitationBandera67040Orange
Coastal Palms Nursing & RehabilitationSan Patricio871000Red
Country Care ManorWilson79300Red
Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation CenterVal Verde63000Red
Heritage Nursing & RehabilitationBexar811600Red
Laredo Nursing & RehabilitationWebb106410Red
Las Alturas Nursing & Transitional CareWebb77100Red
Las Palmas Skilled Nursing & RehabilitationLa Salle55800Red
Mid Valley Nursing & RehabilitationHidalgo1081910Red
River Ridge Nursing & RehabilitationNueces87100Red
Stone Oak Care CenterBexar110110Red
The EnclaveBexar141020Orange
The Heights® of AlamoHidalgo91820Red
The Heights® of AtascosaAtascosa101000Orange
The Heights® of BulverdeComal1021570Red
The Heights® of GonzalesGonzales97020Red
The Heights® of North HoustonHarris80420Red
The Heights® of TomballHarris90400Red
The Heights® of TylerSmith103020Red
The Heights® on HuebnerBexar104400Red
The Heights® on Valley RanchMontgomery57000Yellow
West Oaks Nursing & RehabilitationHarris121990Red

Data reflects patients tested as of 07/10/2020 and is pending validation by public health officials. A positive test does not necessarily mean the patient is experiencing symptoms. This data, in combination with other sources, is being used to improve public health decisions. The deceased data is for cumulative deaths that have occurred with Touchstone centers of positive COVID-19 cases.Touchstone does not determine cause of death.

*This community has no COVID-19 results to report at this time. All communities are monitoring for signs and symptoms related to COVID-19.

Alert CodeAlert Description
GreenThe location is experiencing no unexpected disease outbreaks, and is utilizing normal infection control education, prevention, surveillance, and control practices in accordance with established policies and procedures.
YellowThe location has increased vigilance for infectious diseases due to a known threat (e.g., COVID-19).
OrangeThe location perceives that an infectious disease outbreak is imminent. Visitation is limited and screening for signs and symptoms prior to entry into the location is being implemented (e.g., disease reaches an endemic state).
RedThe location has experienced a presumptive or confirmed case of an emergency infectious disease within the facility (HCC/ALF) or has such a case on census (home health/hospice/Home First). For HCCs/ALFs, all visitors (except for medical response teams, Public Health, and community response partners) and nonessential personnel are prohibited from entering the location and new admissions are generally not allowed, except in limited circumstances.
The community has experienced one or more confirmed cases of COVID-19. We are doing enhanced team member and resident screening. Visitation is restricted to essential visits only i.e. necessary medical personnel, public health officials, regulatory officials and certain compassionate care situations. New admissions are generally limited.

COVID-19 CareLine:

COVID-19 CareLine

We understand the stress and worry COVID-19 is placing on our team members, residents and family members. Our highest priority is caring for and supporting you and your family through this difficult time. Your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns are important to us, and we are here to listen. Whether you are a resident, family member or friend, your concerns matter. Touchstone Communities provides a 24/7 toll-free Careline to address your COVID-19 related concerns or suggestions. You may contact us anonymously or choose to provide your contact information so we may reach you.

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