May 25, 2022

Why Skilled Care is Ideal For Those Who’ve Suffered a Stroke

May is National Stroke Awareness Month and while it’s a great time to discuss the benefits of skilled care for stroke patients, it’s important to be aware of the signs of a stroke and how to recover beyond the month of May. Following a stroke or another medical emergency that requires hospitalization, it’s not well-known that short-term care at an assisted living community such as The Heights of Tomball in Tomball, TX is an option. 

The fact is the type of Tomball, TX short-term care we provide not only benefits individuals who have suffered a stroke but also benefits anyone in need of medically assisted recovery. So, what exactly is short-term care? Today, we’re going to discuss what short-term care at our Tomball, TX community is and how anyone in need of rehabilitation can benefit from it.

What is Short-Term Care?

Simply put, individuals who receive short-term care in Tomball, TX are those who are in need of rehabilitation following an illness, accident, or surgery. The type of skilled care you receive will depend on the severity of your needs as well as how well your body recovers. It also depends on whether or not the patient has pre-existing medical issues that may delay recovery.

A person’s short-term care can be either out-patient or require a short stay to ensure they’re receiving the proper skilled care to achieve recovery. Beyond your recovery, our short-term care in our assisted living community is designed for comfort. Hospital stays can be stressful, which is why a physician will normally recommend that you continue your care at a skilled care community such as The Heights of Tomball where you can focus on your recovery in a caring and nurturing environment.

A misconception of assisted living communities is that they are solely for long-term care; however, at our Tomball Texas skilled care community, this is not the case. Not everyone will need long-term care which is why we offer programs for those who require a certain level of care to get them back on their feet. From suffering a stroke to undergoing a hip replacement, our skilled care staff is experienced and knowledgeable in providing excellent short-term care that gets our patients back to themselves as quickly as possible. 

What to Expect at The Heights of Tomball

At our Tombal Texas short-term care community, you can expect to receive the best care in an encouraging environment, surrounded by caring individuals and physicians and amenities that will keep you comfortable and thriving. From an advanced rehabilitation gym to private rooms with flat-screen TVs to daily activities, you’ll be surrounded by the best of the best to help get you back to optimum health and your life. You just might never want to leave!

If you’ve recently experienced a medical episode that requires care past your hospital stay, you’ve come to the right place. We love welcoming new individuals into our loving community. To learn more about our Tombal Texas skilled care community call 832.843.7700 or contact us today to schedule a tour!

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