December 14, 2022

Supporting Those in Need of Skilled Care

Did you know that if you’ve helped your loved one opt for skilled care for their recovery or for their Golden Years, you’re actually playing a significant part in their overall health? Skilled care communities such as Touchstone Communities offer the opportunity for caring and compassionate social connections which promote psychological well-being, furthering an individual’s healing and recovery.

Sometimes choosing to enlist the help of long-term care can be a difficult decision, however, it’s one of the most valuable things a person can make in terms of one’s health. The support they receive from the caring staff in our communities will benefit not only their physical health but their mental well-being as well. Further, we assist family members in their support ensuring loved ones always feel right at home.

If you or someone you love is contemplating skilled care for long-term care or even utilizing our skilled rehabilitation services for short-term care, here are a few ways we support our patients, a few ways we help family members support their loved ones, and why you and your loved ones are in great hands with Touchstone Communities.

Unwavering Support From a Loving Community

There are a variety of reasons individuals seek out our communities for either long-term care or short-term care. Whether it’s recovering from surgery or looking for a long-term solution for healthcare, when support comes from both the skilled care community and the individual’s loved ones, the patient experiences a faster recovery as well as has an overall better quality of life.

Here is how we support you and your loved one and how you can support your loved one as well.

First, we encourage regular visits. At Touchstone Communities, our patients are surrounded by loving and caring staff as well as exposed to daily group activities keeping your loved one entertained, engaged, and active. In addition to the skilled care community, your loved one will have daily access to, we also recommend regular visits from loved ones to assist in keeping spirits up and moods high. Your presence also reinforces that you’re always thinking of your loved one.

The next thing we recommend is to consistently offer encouragement. Whether a person comes to us for skilled rehabilitation services for short-term care or is in need of long-term care, skilled care can call for a lifestyle adjustment which can be a little difficult. At Touchstone Communities, we strive to make everyone’s stay or visit with us an enjoyable one, ensuring everyone is comfortable with the decision to opt for skilled care.

While we offer the support and encouragement an individual needs to thrive in this community, the encouragement of a loved one can have a different and more profound effect. Moving into a skilled care community for long-term care can be a big transition so we suggest providing all the encouragement a person can get.

One of our favorite suggestions for support is to join your loved one for a meal. Our communities offer fine dining that can be tailored to dietary needs and is simply just delicious! When possible, we suggest stopping in for a meal with your loved one to not only spend time with them but to experience the wonderful fine dining they experience daily.

We’re Ready to Meet You and Your Loved One

If you’ve been considering skilled care for short-term care or long-term care for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to take a tour of our community and get to know us while we learn how we can best serve you and your loved one. If you’re in the San Antonio area, we have a few locations to choose from: The Enclave, Stone Oak Care Center, Bandera Nursing & Rehabilitation, and Heritage Nursing & Rehabilitation. Contact your preferred location and schedule your tour of our community today!

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