April 27, 2023

Signs Your Loved One May Need Long-Term Care

While there are several things caused by the aging process that can be remedied, there are some things that are beyond control. As we age, there are physical or cognitive conditions that can affect our ability to function independently. For some, the care required to keep them independent is often administered by unpaid caregivers such as a spouse, partner, friend, or family member. While this arrangement can work for some, the truth is there are many that don’t have the luxury of having that helping hand. This is where a skilled care community such as Touchstone Communities can be of service.

When It’s Time for Long-Term Skilled Care

Oftentimes the need for a long-term care transition is necessary. There might be noticeable changes in a loved one’s ability to successfully accomplish everyday activities such as dressing and walking. You may notice their balance isn’t what it used to be which makes them prone to falls. You may also notice that their medical bills are starting to increase every year and have become more than you can handle.

Other changes can be more subtle such as memory and weight loss as they happen more gradually. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if these symptoms are part of normal aging or if they’re a sign that something more serious is going on and if special attention should be paid. If you think your loved one may be in need of long-term care, here are a few signs to look out for:

  • There is a significant change in their self-care
  • Change in memory
  • Dramatic change in weight
  • Noticeable change in their mood
  • Significant change in their safety
  • Change in their driving ability
  • Change in the way they socialize
  • Change in their mobility

Once it’s been established that your loved one needs professionalism and attention of skilled care, it’s time to find the right community for them. While there are several options out there, the best long-term care solution is one that will provide your loved one with the care and attention they need while keeping them in an environment that keeps them lively and engaged. At Touchstone Communities, we not only offer skilled rehabilitation services that are designed to properly care for your loved one, but we offer social wellness opportunities for meaningful engagement to keep them mobile and thriving. We also have all of the amenities that will help your loved one feel right at home and comfortable in their new surroundings.

To get you and your loved one more familiar with our community, we also offer tours. We’ll show you around our community, introduce you to everything we have to offer, and discuss your loved one’s long-term care transition so that we have a plan in place to make it as seamless as possible. Opting for long-term care for your loved one isn’t the easiest decision to make, so we strive to make this a painless decision and transition for everyone involved.

If you believe your loved one needs skilled care that you are unable to provide, contact us today. We’ll schedule a tour and help you develop a plan for your loved one’s long-term care transition that will not only benefit your loved one but your family as well.

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