December 7, 2021

Preparing For The Holidays, And For Flu Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, except for one thing: the flu. As we prepare for holiday parties and gift exchanges, family and friends, it’s imperative that we include a plan to prevent contracting the flu. Flu prevention has always been an important topic, however, in light of recent events, flu prevention through flu vaccination is more important than ever. At Touchstone Communities, we’re observing National Influenza Vaccination Week and using this time to discuss the importance of flu vaccinations, the difficulties seniors face during flu season, and how our communities can help your loved ones protect themselves from the flu as well as keep their spirits up during this difficult time.

Now Is The Best Time For Preventative Measures

A common misconception about the flu is that it’s brought in by the cold weather. This isn’t necessarily true. While the flu does affect people during the colder months, peak season is actually in February with its spread continuing heavily into May. When it comes to our skilled care for seniors, we encourage everyone in our community to get vaccinated as early as possible to ensure they’re getting ahead of the virus. Even those who aren’t residents of one of our communities are encouraged to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves because the fact is, as we get older, our body’s immune protection against the flu decreases.

Additionally, those with chronic health conditions such as asthma, heart disease, or diabetes are at a higher risk for developing serious complications from the flu, so it’s important to begin the fight as early as possible. Whether your loved one is at Touchstone Communities for long term care or they’re here for short term care, our team is dedicated to ensuring all precautions are taken to keep them healthy and happy.

The Benefits for a Residence During Flu Season

In today’s world, there is so much more to be vigilant of in addition to the flu. When your loved one is under the care of Touchstone Communities, our staff of caring nurses not only stay on top of these afflictions to keep your loved ones safe but also keep them in good spirits during these unprecedented times.

In addition to your loved ones’ physical health, our skilled care for seniors includes a focus on their mental health. That’s why at Touchstone Communities, we offer various programs, activities, and amenities to keep them engaged, active, and vital.

When your loved one resides with us for their short term or long term care, they’ll have access to programs and activities designed to enhance their overall well-being including gardening, outings, art, entertainment, and so much more! Our communities encourage building meaningful relationships through quality engagement.

Here, our skilled care goes beyond the standard, ensuring your loved one gets the care they need and so rightly deserve. While our focus is their overall well-being, right now we encourage not only our residents but all those who are caring for others to get vaccinated before flu season hits hard. Now’s the best time to get a flu shot to prevent illness or the severity of the symptoms.

For more information on flu vaccinations, or for more information on our communities, contact us today to schedule a time to visit and take a tour!

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