February 17, 2023

Helping Your Loved One When Skilled Care Becomes Necessary

It’s a regular part of life but it’s one of the most difficult to deal with. When a parent or a loved one becomes incapable of properly caring for themselves, deciding the best route to take in terms of their overall well-being can be tough, especially when it involves a long-term care transition. There are many emotions that can arise as well as questions that need to be answered. At Touchstone Communities, we understand the concerns involved in transitioning a loved one to a skilled care community and are here to offer information that will help ease the decision-making process as well as the transitioning process.

Choosing Long-Term Skilled Care

One of the toughest aspects of choosing to transition a loved one to a skilled care community is the feeling of stripping them of their independence. A long-term care transition can mean distance between loved ones which can be a little tough initially. The fact is, however, transitioning a loved one into a skilled care community can ultimately be the best decision for everyone involved, particularly when you are no longer able to properly care for your loved one.

Or, maybe your loved one is still active but needs assistance that you’re not in a position to provide. While they, or you, may feel as though you’re taking their independence, a skilled care community such as Touchstone Communities offers a sanctuary that allows your loved one to receive the care that they need while maintaining their social and active lives. Whether your loved one is in need of long-term care or short-term care, they’ll find a caring community at Touchstone Communities.

Providing The Care They Need

When determining which skilled care community will work best for your loved one, it’s important to determine the type of care that they’ll need. In doing so there will be a few things to consider. First, what activities are they limited to? Are they able to feed themselves, dress, manage their own medication, move on their own, or manage their own money? Next, consider what illnesses they may be living with. Do they need constant monitoring of their medications or do they have an illness that requires constant medical intervention? Are they able to get around well except when they’re experiencing a “bad day”?

The answers to these questions will determine if your loved one needs to make a long-term care transition or if your loved one is primarily in need of skilled rehabilitation services that do not require a long-term stay. Once you’ve determined the level of care your loved one will need, it’s time to schedule a tour with Touchstone Communities.

Skilled Care From a Caring Staff

At Touchstone Communities, we offer a variety of skilled care services that cater to everyone from those who are recovering from minor injuries to individuals who are in need of long-term, ongoing assistance. No matter the injury or affliction, the team at Touchstone Communities is skilled and knowledgeable in skilled rehabilitation services that will provide your loved one with the care they need and deserve. 

For more information or to schedule a tour of our community, contact our office today at 210.828.5686. We’ll walk you through our community and discuss the various services we offer that can adequately accommodate your loved one.

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