July 13, 2022

Did You Know Rehabilitation Skilled Care is Available in Del Rio?

There’s nothing like the community and togetherness that comes with living in a small town. Everyone knows everybody and a helping hand is never far away. Del Rio is just this type of town but like all smaller communities, there are misconceptions about what services are available. One of these services that often gets overlooked is the quality skilled care available to individuals seeking short-term care for rehabilitation or long-term care in Del Rio for more permanent situations.

At Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, you’ll find these services and more for you or your loved one. From short-term care to rehabilitate an injury to long-term care for someone who can no longer care for themselves, the skilled care we provide in Del Rio, Texas allows you or your loved ones to receive top-notch care right here in the town they know and love.

Skilled Care You Can Trust

When it comes to aftercare following a hospital stay, a skilled care community provides the short-term care a Del Rio resident may need. In fact, our community not only provides long-term care for individuals that need around-the-clock care, but it also provides care for those who are in the process of healing from an event that led to a hospital stay.

So, what kind of short-term care can you expect from our Del Rio, TX skilled care community? First, let’s discuss the types of injuries and illnesses we assist in rehabilitating. Aftercare for surgeries is a top reason why individuals visit our short-term care community. Whether you’re recovering from a hip replacement surgery, any sort of repair on bones or joints, or an unexpected injury, we provide short-term care that offers you the opportunity to reside at our center while healing (which can sometimes be recommended by your physician) or visit us for your rehabilitation needs

Beyond surgeries, our Del Rio, TX skilled care community provides short-term care for victims of a stroke, heart attack, pneumonia, care for general wounds, acute medical conditions, and so much more. If you need help bouncing back, we’re here for you!

Our Del Rio long-term care is just as involved in an individual’s well-being. It can be tough to decide when a loved one needs long-term care but there are some signs to look for that will help determine if our community is the place for them.

Typically, when a person is no longer able to care for themselves and begins showing signs of dependence for basic needs, it’s time to consider long-term care. Specific signs include the inability to move around the home safely, hygiene not being maintained, additional assistance needed for housekeeping and meals, and the inability to manage medications, just to name a few.

When the time comes, our Del Rio, TX skilled care community will provide them with quality care, ensuring their remaining years are met with comfort and nurturing care in a thriving environment filled with activities designed to keep them as active as possible.

Here When You Need Us

Whether you or your loved one needs short-term care or long-term care, our Del Rio, TX skilled care community is available to provide the quality care needed to heal and thrive. When you’re ready, we invite you to browse our website to learn more about our services or schedule a visit to tour our community at 830-775-2459 and learn more about us. We look forward to caring for you or your loved one!

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