October 16, 2019

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Whether you’ve suffered a recent fall, received a knee replacement, or had shoulder surgery, physical therapy is a crucial part of the healing process. Many people may find physical therapy to be difficult or tedious, but following all the way through on your PT program will have lasting benefits.

Beyond the fact that physical therapy is typically a requirement from doctors after many procedures or injuries, your therapist can give you exercises you can continue to do at home so you’ll become stronger and healthier.

In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, below are several benefits to PT:

1. Reduce the Risk of Falls

After undergoing a procedure, especially if it’s been done on your hips or knees, there’s an increased risk of falling. If you have unsteady balance, weakened muscles, or have already suffered a fall you’re also at risk. With physical therapy, you’ll go through exercises that strengthen the necessary muscles and improve mobility and balance so the risk of falls reduces. This gives you more freedom to live on your own, do the activities you love, and live without fear of falling.

2. Recover After Procedures and Injuries

Through a customized therapy plan you’ll have a full recovery from procedures and injuries. When you stick with your PT program, it can also make your recovery faster and less painful. Plus, you’ll reduce your chance of having another injury or procedure.

3. Improve Overall Quality of Life

Whether you have arthritis pain, Parkinson’s disease, or just have a decline in muscular strength, several therapy interventions can improve your quality of life. By going through a program, and then regularly performing exercises at home, you can improve your health and thus improve your quality of life. If you haven’t been able to play with your grandchildren because your joints are too stiff, orthopedic physical therapy can assist you. If you get easily fatigued standing or walking for too long, your physical therapist can give you exercises so you can get back to doing fun things with your family and friends.

4. Manage Pain and Reduce Need for Opioids

The great thing about physical therapy is that the focus is on total wellness through exercises and other rehabilitative interventions. You may still need pain medication, but PT can help reduce the dosage and frequency that you’ll need it. In many cases, continually doing exercises can remove the need for opioids.


Even if you haven’t undergone a procedure or had an injury, you can still benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapy is a great way to prevent the need for surgeries and helps reduce the risk of injury. If the idea of physical therapy sounds tedious or unnecessary, remember all the great benefits you can gain from going through a program. Not to mention you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment as you progress through exercises and notice how much better you feel.

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