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The Small House

At Touchstone Communities, we saw a fundamental opportunity to improve the way care is delivered in skilled nursing facilities. We focused more intensely than ever on what’s best for elders. By taking this approach, we were able to develop an innovative concept that leads the way in excellence and innovation in long-term care. It’s called the Small House.

Since 2005, we have been committed to building skilled nursing facilities based on a concept called the Small House, which offers long-term care in an intimate, small-home setting. This concept, adapted from The Green House® model, creates a small “neighborhood” comprised of elders and staff. It’s a place where elders can live on their own schedules while maintaining their dignity through the aging process.

The Small House is a residential-style home that’s part of a community of approximately 100 residents. Each community is made up of ten cottages and one common building. This design approach draws residents into social connection by mixing the best communal aspects of a home while maintaining privacy and independence for residents.

The Benefits Are Real

The Small House community represents more than just a cultural change. Because of higher direct care staffing ratios and consistent staffing that fosters relationship-based caregiving, there is a measurable difference in the health and quality of life of elders, including:

  • Better clinical outcomes
  • Increased mobility and social interaction
  • More situational awareness and renewed appetite
  • Higher quality of life and emotional well being
  • Decreased incidence of unplanned weight loss
  • Decreased incidence of significant injury with falls
  • Decreased incidence of hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations
  • Promotes chronic disease management
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced medication usage including psychotropics

An Experienced Development Partner

The Small House business model offers enormous advantages for future long-term care developments. Touchstone Communities has the proven expertise to assist all types of long-term care providers and healthcare organizations in its implementation. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive planning and development
  • Operational management services
  • Staff recruitment and training

When you’re ready to discuss your next long-term care development, call us. We’re ready to show you how to leverage the power of the Small House, the next big thing in elder care.


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