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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy programs are designed to evaluate and treat elders who have been afflicted with a condition that affects the muscular, skeletal and nervous system. Read how our physical therapy programs are designed to use a variety of techniques to help elders recover and get back to the prior level of function.

Physical Therapy
We Provide Physical Therapy Services

Our skilled physical therapy team provides treatments for elders who may have experienced a loss of mobility, balance and strength due to illness, injury or other disabling conditions. Our primary goals:

  • Restore functioning
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve functional mobility
  • Promote optimal physical functioning

Using exercise, therapeutic modalities, assistive devices for ambulation, patient education and advance rehabilitative techniques, our skilled physical therapy team teaches residents how to manage their condition so that they can achieve long-term health benefits and prevent new problems.

Following a comprehensive evaluation, plans of care are established to determine the services required to enable elders to meet their individual goals.

Treatment interventions may include:

  • Learning strength and balance training
  • Developing a greater range of motion
  • Training to improve walking skills (gait and locomotion)
  • Improving skeletal and postural alignment
  • Managing pain
  • Learning how to manage a wheelchair
  • Recommending orthotics
  • Learning how to use prostheses
  • Improving balance and strength with neuromuscular education
  • Guiding and educating family members and caregivers
  • Establishing home exercise programs
  • Recommending durable medical equipment

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