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Rehabilitation Services

Your healing begins here.

You will have daily access to physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, whether you have experienced physical and cognitive changes from illness, injury, or other disabling conditions such as stroke, hip fracture, brain injury, and cancer as well as neurological or degenerative diseases.

In the innovative rehabilitation center at Mid Valley, your rehab team works closely with you, your physician, and your family to design a personalized rehabilitation program to keep you motived and focused on your recovery, so that you can achieve the best results in restoring your independence.

This includes:
  • Accelerated Care Plus (ACP): Modality-based clinical programs that are non-invasive and medication-free, including
    • Omnistim FX2 Pro Electrical Stimulator: Featuring ACP›s patented Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS) waveform to assist in the treatment of symptoms of neuromuscular disease, urinary incontinence, stroke, recovery from post-operative joint replacement, and other orthopedic diagnoses.
    • 500 Pro Electrical Stimulator: Gentle electrical stimulation transmitted through electrode pads to help manage pain, relieve muscle spasms, increase range-of-motion, prevent muscle disuse atrophy, increase circulation, and re-educate muscles.
    • Omnisound Therapeutic Ultrasound: Sound waves applied to soft tissues, muscles, and tendons to help reduce pain, increase blood flow, increase the extensibility of collagen tissues, decrease joint stiffness and contractures, reduce muscle spasms, and decrease chronic inflammation.
    • Shortwave Diathermy: Electromagnetic waves to help reduce pain and inflammation, decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasms, and increase local blood flow.
    • Omnicycle Elite: The most advanced therapy cycle technology available to help regain strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility.
  • Additional rehabilitation services include:
    • Virtual Rehabilitation: Using videogame technology to help with walking and balance exercise, memory activities, seated and upper body exercises as well as wheelchair activities.
    • Pain Management: Individual treatment plans and specialized interventions to reduce pain.
    • Fall Prevention: Reducing the potential for falls through a proactive approach to patient safety.
    • Balance Programs: Incorporating balance exercises into the physical activity programs.
    • Therapeutic ADL Kitchens and Cooking: Kitchen-based activities to aid in social interaction and the potential to increase appetite, relieve stress related to living in a group setting, and provide sensory, cognitive, and physical stimulation.
    • Home Evaluations: Assessing the home to determine what modifications are necessary prior to returning home.
    • Community Reintegration: Support services to successfully transition from our community to your home.
    • Therapeutic Outings: Designed to promote the independent physical, mental, emotional, and social enjoyment of our elders.

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