Tyler - The Heights® Rehabilitation & Long Term Care
Our newest community, The Heights® of Tyler, offers less institutional and more residential in look and construction, the customized interior features warm and inviting colors and high quality fixtures and furnishings. And, as in all Touchstone Communities, residents of The Heights® will benefit from the expertise of a highly trained Touchstone staff that has earned a reputation for exceptional elder care across 13 communities throughout Texas.

At Touchstone Communities®, we understand there is so much information to consider when considering long-term care for a loved one. Below is some additional information about our newest neighborhood community.

1. What is the neighborhood concept, and what made Touchstone embrace it as a model?
The neighborhood concept takes a traditional nursing home setting and designs living and dining spaces to create a more intimate feel. This concept provides availability of private and semi-private rooms for a certain number of residents and offers smaller, more personal units staffed with self-directed teams of highly-trained caregivers. This concept is designed around conveniences for elders, and caregivers are empowered to listen and respond to each resident’s needs.

The neighborhood concept’s interior design is customized with a warm and inviting color palette, and appealing high-quality fixtures and furnishings. Resembling a typical home, residents will benefit from a focus on the neighborhood’s dining room and family area (complete with fireplace and television), which serves as the central gathering spot for meals and activities. Different activities will be conducted simultaneously in each of the neighborhoods, allowing residents to choose activities they enjoy most.

This concept promotes a stronger social bond among residents, ensuring a higher level of care and social well-being for all community members. The goal is to maximize each resident’s full potential with as much personal independence when possible.

Touchstone Communities® distinguishes itself by glorifying God while providing compassionate care and innovative approaches to long-term care. This neighborhood approach is just one of the many ways Touchstone is responding to the needs of the ever-changing senior care industry.

2. Do you think this is the direction senior care is going? Why or why not?
By offering residents safe and comparable alternatives to the traditional nursing home setting, the industry is taking a positive step forward in the long-term care of elders. As we move forward, more and more residents of nursing homes will expect a variety of choices accompanied with the option to live in a more homelike setting versus that of an institutional environment. By providing and promoting these options, we are making the voice of the elder part of the decision making process, and in turn, making a positive impact on the senior care landscape.

3. How have residents seemed to respond to this approach?
This approach has been received favorably, and has shown positive outcomes for both the elders and their families. By offering elders a more intimate setting such as private living and dining rooms, the industry is responding to the need and desire to take the hospital-feel out of a traditional nursing home. This approach makes the environment positive for residents, their family members and for the team members working closely to care for these residents. In this environment, elders are more independent, living on their own schedules all while maintaining more dignity throughout the aging process. Elders who have relocated from traditional nursing homes to other, more intimate settings report health benefits, including more mobility, more situational awareness and renewed appetite.

4. How does the neighborhood concept benefit seniors, and in turn, how does it benefit the company running the community?
This concept provides elders with the best of both worlds – an environment that looks and feels like home, and the guidance and support they need while they live their lives. Independence is a priority but these residents have more flexibility and opportunity to live life without solely relying on the assistance of others.

As a company, it is our goal to provide an environment where not only physical needs are being met, but also one where social, emotional and spiritual needs are upheld and recognized. The neighborhood concept epitomizes Touchstone’s dedication to meeting the needs of elders, and the company will benefit from being known for “doing the right thing” in answering the needs of those elders and their families.
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