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Medical Reimbursement
If you’re looking to increase your cash flow, you can count on Touchstone Communities® to be a trustworthy resource to manage billing and reimbursements. We offer a wide range of billing services including Accounts Receivable, Cost Reporting, General Assessment of Processes and Technology, among others. Using Touchstone to help manage your business affairs allows you to focus on your patients and use the skills and talents you were trained to offer.

We understand you are in the service delivery business and are not a financial institution. Yet your biggest financial asset is your cash receivables. Let us help you grow your margins and maximize cash flow. If you are experiencing denied Medicare/Medicaid claims, we can re-train your staff or handle your billings and reimbursements directly. If there are gaps in your billing process due to staff changes, we can eliminate the problem completely. We are experts at bringing stability and continuity to your billing processes. Our full range of medical billing services include:
  • Electronic Billing and Collections Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Medicare/Medicaid Cost Report Preparation
  • Medicaid Enhancement Monitoring and Report Preparation
  • Vendor Contract Assessment and Management Services
  • Business Office Support and Training Services
It’s time to gain peace of mind and increased profitability. Many now prefer the more efficient, cost-effective and profitable process of contracting out one or more billing and collection services to a trustworthy business partner and medical billings/collections management firm like Touchstone. Unlike others, we can quickly customize our services to meet your specific needs. Give us a call or email for more information.
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